Caleb J. Clark
Caleb J. ClarkPresident & Founder
The reason I started Supremity was because while starting my other companies online I realized their was a need for someone to build and market websites. But the services other companies were providing were not being realistic for their customers in helping creating a profitable and leading business in their industry. But with Supremity we own around 100 websites that we personally built to help generate profit to our other companies. Owning and operating 4 profitable online business while still working on our clients websites has helped give us an advantage over every other company. The reason I say this is because every marketing technique we use is in touch with making your company more profitable which is the only way you can keep your doors open and do what you love.

Our Valuable Team Members

Kenny Jensen
Kenny JensenHead Of Client Relationships
My job at Supremity is summed up as simple as this, my whole job is to make the clients happy with our work. If I do that simple thing everyone is happy.
Basem Dahroug
Basem DahrougHead Of Web Development Team
I have worked with clients from all over the world as I am originally from Egypt. What really separates me from most developers is that I stand behind my websites if for any reason my websites have any problems I will always fix them free of charge. I always make sure that all provided code is top notch and meeting standards. Because when we are coding here at Supremity it’s all about quality
Ronald Johnston
Ronald Johnston Head SEO Expert
Service, one of my most favorite things to do. I love the opportunity to make people happy. For that reason I have spent a lot of my career life helping others. From I.T. support for Microsoft, all the way to answering hiking questions while working at our National Parks. While here at Supremity Online Marketing Company, I am motivated in helping my clients reach a goal of success. Constructing quality goals for a desired finical future, and ease with peace of mind. I always say, when you work hard and persevere success is inevitable.
John Mathews
John MathewsDeveloper
I have been coding as a developer at Supremity and honestly our team is such a diverse group which gives us a huge advantage when we run in technical problems.