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Supremity Marketing is a marketing agency focused on digital services to increase the number of website visitors, improve your search engine ranking, which will increase leads and new business opportunities. We will work with you to learn your desired business outcomes, and we will deliver strategies that lead to real business successes.

Whether you’re a new business, or just getting started, we have years of experience in digital marketing and search engine optimization that will help your business. Are you getting traffic but no online sales or leads? Are you in need of a website or enhanced online presence? That’s why we’re here.

  • National Search Engine Optimization
  • Locally focused SEO
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
  • Social Media Management
  • Website Design

Why online marketing and SEO will always be around

1. It works and provides tons of value!

Google and other search engines serve results based on your searches. If anything, it’s more important now to focus on optimizing your pages and content than before. We used to be able to add tons of keywords to rank for any given topic, but now, we have to focus on the quality of content and a number of additional items including social media networks. Google can easily analyze your content, but it now serves more detail on the search pages – your business location, how many reviews you have, what your social media profiles are, etc. We will take a deep look at the structure of your pages so your customers will easily find and contact you.

2. Search Engines OWN the market

More than 90 percent of consumers check online reviews before buying a product, and this number is increasing. When was the last time you didn’t use an online search to find something about a business? Without strong SEO and a well designed and organized website, it people will not find you, and will not give you more effort than your competitors, so be the best you can be.

3. We live on our phones

Whether you’re sending a picture to your friend, or reading email, we have so many reasons we spend hours of our day on our phones. If your website is not built where users can have an optimal mobile experience, you’re losing business. When we design websites, we take a mobile-first approach. If you’re a restaurant, we make sure your phone number, hours and menu are prominently displayed and are easy to browse. We don’t have the same experience on a mobile as we do on our desktops, but we have to make the best user experiences on both to win in this marketplace.

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