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It takes work

Unlike advertising or SEO, formatting a social media post properly does not guarantee results. In addition, social media is a time consuming, marathon race. You can’t post something once and expect to sell out of your products. In fact, you can’t push sales on it. Social media is all about building a community and providing your audience value. Once you’ve provided enough value, it’s fair to ask for the sale. In other words, it’s not easy, and it requires dedication, knowing your customer and building an audience.

What content works?

Every platform is unique. To be effective on Facebook, you can’t copy your tweet or Pin. On LinkedIn, you aren’t posting the same information as on Twitter. To win, you have to create unique microcontent that works on each platform. For example, Tumblr is the land of GIFs. On Pinterest, people care about things that they can make, or learn from. On Instagram, it’s the captivating picture that’s much more polished than Snapchat. In other words, not only does quality matter, but the mindset of the consumer is everything. What provides value when we’re scrolling a mile a minute on the train home from work?


Especially on Twitter and Facebook, people are talking about everything from wanting pizza in bed, to sharing a blog post that interests them. They are talking about your type of business. If you’re a hardware store, for example, we’ll make a strategy to ensure you’re at the top of mind for people talking about DIY, fixing their deck, and many more in your area. If you ever get a complaint, we can handle that. Our goal is to turn your audience into people who love you.

Promoted Content

Social media has some of the best converting advertising we’ve seen since the dawn of email marketing. In the 90s, if you were an e-commerce business, you could expect an 80% open rate on your email. Now, you’re lucky to get 10%. Social Media is the next best thing. Because of the amount of information we know about our audiences, we are able to target very specifically.

How about this example:

Let’s talk about creating a Facebook Dark Post for a liquor store by Westminster College. Imagine creating an ad targeted at people who like the newest local bars, who attend Westminster College, and are college age. Next, target those who like one of the basketball players on Facebook. Now, change the ad copy to mention the player. Are you ready for us to help grow your business yet?!

Social Media Services

  • Social media content production
  • Social media monitoring
  • Social media listening
  • Competitive analysis
  • Positive/negative brand mentions and reviews
  • Industry influencer outreach and research
  • Increasing engagement with audience
  • Social media monitoring, metrics and reporting
  • Social media marketing
  • Social media audit
  • Topic ideation using trends
  • Demographic analysis and strategy
  • Social media publishing calendar
  • Customer service on social media
  • Brand strategy and execution
  • Engagement strategy
  • Schedule social media posts

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